Monday, 17 January 2011

I'm moving.

So yeah. To here.

Gone is the sprog stuff. Gone is random crap, annoyingness, and general pointless posts. I'm basically consolidating all my online stuff into one, useful google account. It won't be serious, but it won't be plain stupid either.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

New Update

Holy shit. An update. This is a rare occurance.

Oddly, there's not much for me to post really. I've done all my final exams and am waiting for results to come through (should be next week), if I pass, voila, qualified veterinary nurse. Then just got to get registered with the RCVS.

As I've done all my exams I've finished on placement, which is a bit lame. Started my new job which has slightly insane hours but I'll get used to it eventually. 24/31/48 hour shifts and the like. Gonna be... interesting!

That's it really. Means I'll have less free time and stuff but hey, it's a job for now.

If you have a free couple of minutes, watch this... It's really cool and trippy.